HSE Policy

Environmental, Health & Safety Policy Values And Commitments


Promote and support a culture of accident, injury, and environmental damage prevention by recognizing and controlling workplace hazards and loss sources.
Regularly audit and inspect our assets, wroking sites and operating practices and take appropriate corrective actions to resolve deficiencies and continuously improve. Report all EH&S incidents as required by regulations,clients and internal requirements, and take the appropriate immediate corrective responses. Effectively learn, create knowledge and improve our EH&S performance through training, reporting and investigating incidents to develop effective corrective actions and implement preventative strategies.

Undertake Design, construct, operate and maintain activties with the goal of eliminating wasteful practices and reducing the potential for loss. Track key performance measures and regularly report on our EH&S performance. Proactively work with industry peers , clients and regulators to develop and advance effective approaches to EH&S protection.



EnerDyn will manage all operations in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of employees, customers, contractors and the public while complying with applicable laws and regulations and internal standards.
EnerDyn will continually improve safety and environmental performance by proactively evaluating its operations to identify hazards, assess priorities and implementing programs and practices to reduce the number & severity of safety and environmental-related incidents towards a goal of zero incidents.


Positive safety and environmental performance is essential to the success of EnerDyn and its employees. Safety and Environmental performance comes first, regardless of the scale or urgency of the job. Employees must be provided with the training
and tools necessary for them to perform their jobs safely and in conformance with regulatory and EnerDyn requirements. Accidents, environmental releases, or property loss are unacceptable. Employees have the right, the responsibility and the ability to prevent accidents. Employees and contractors are responsible
for understanding and complying with applicable Acts, regulations and Inter